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Everyone knows social medial has taken over not only the internet but also the world and the way we communicate with each other. In 2012 it became one of the most powerful sources for news on the planet. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest in your business you already know what a powerful tool it is. If you're not using social media for your business you need to start, now!

How does social media work?

Social media does much more than keep you in touch with your friends. Using it for your business will expand your audience and grow your business. According to Facebook the average user has 239 followers.

Case Study: Bobby's Donut Shop

Bobby's Donut Shop is famous for their chocolate donuts. Once a year they make German Chocolate Donuts for Thanksgiving. These donuts are unbelievable! Bobby puts a picture of his holiday donuts on his Facebook page with the comment "The donuts are almost finished! Place your order now to make sure you have them for the holiday!" The post goes out to Bobby's 239 followers. A follower of Bobby's Facebook page, Bill, comments, "Man, these things are killer. We get them every year!". When Bill comments on Bobby's post all of Bill's 239 followers see Bobby's post too. One of Bill's followers, Brian, comments on his Facebook page, "Are they that good? Should I get some too?" when he does all of Brian's follower see Bobby's orginal post. We're now up to 717 people that have seen Bobby's post. His donuts caused such a buzz that by the end of the day 13,862 people had seen his post. Needless to say he sold out of donuts.

Social media - how Facebook works for small businesses

The reason Bobby's message goes viral is because he posted a comment on his Facebook page that people were interested in. That is the key to having a successful social media page. You have to post comments that are of interest to your followers and you need to do it on a regular basis.

we enhance your social media

We have found that a business is much better suited for maintaining their social media pages. They know their customers and products much better than we ever will and their followers appreciate the personal touch they get directly from the business.

We help you enhance your page by creating artwork, covers and profile pictures that promote your posts. We know all of the specific sizes of each area on the social media pages so the artwork fits and looks perfect.

Working with you on your pages is part of our Website Management agreement.

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“L! Marketing & Design produced the new website for the Town of West Point and I have been privileged to be able to work with them on that project. Dave and Darlene used professionalism and extreme creativity in the production and maintenance of our website. We are pleased to say that we are receiving numerous compliments on the new website. I would recommend using L! Marketing for any project. It has been a pleasure to work with them.“

Charlotte Scanlan
Administrative Assistant, Town of West Point, Virginia
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