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Search engine optimization

Building Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into a website is as important as any other aspect of good site design today. After all what good is the perfect website if it can't be found. Our web designers and copy writer have been professionally trained in SEO and we continually "sharpen the saw". L! Marketing subscribes to several leading SEO publications and newsletters that keep us informed of the ever changing algorithms the search engines use. We offer maintenance agreements to monitor the SEO of your website and make adjustments as required.

For most businesses the SEO has to be geared toward a Local Search. You want to attract people that have the ability to do business with you. Futhermore, the huge increase in the use of smartphones has made the need for local search optimization even more prevelant. Smartphone shoppers are using their phones to find and purchase from local vendors. By properly implementing the best keywords and key phrases L! Marketing can use SEO to guide the search engines to your site and to your business.


“We have been working with L! Marketing for the past five years. Dave is responsive, technically astute, creative and has a good sense of humor – so necessary in the technology arena. He built our website a number of years ago, and has maintained it since then. We will be “refreshing” our site next year, and look forward to working with Dave on this more extensive basis.”

Sara S. Battin
Marketing Director
The Trust Company of Virginia
96% of smartphone owners research a product or service on their phones

Keywords and Keyphrases

Search engines use keywords and keyphrases to identify your website so they get the most accurate search results. Keywords can make or break your search engine ranking. Adding keywords to the content of your website can improve its ranking, but overuse can cause your site to be banned for spamming.

When identifying keywords, select words and phrases in the content of your website that someone is most likely to use when searching for your online business or website.

Each of your Web pages should have keywords that include phrases found throughout the page content, title tag, headings, attributes, and link text. If you have words and phrases that occur often, rearrange the order to keep each tag unique. We don't recommend using the same string of keywords on all of your pages because it could hamper your SEO.

SEO facts

  1. Google owns 80-85% of the search engine market share.
  2. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
  3. There are over 100 billion global searches being conducted each month.
  4. 88.1% of US internet users ages 14+ browsed or researched products online in 2012.
  5. Searches directly drove 25% of all online US device purchases in 2010.
  6. 82.6% of internet users search.
SEO Facts
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