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L! Marketing is pleased to offer high quality photography for your business at very affordable prices. Depending on the size and scope of the project our prices are usually lower than stock photography. Our photographer will display your business in the best possible light and show the world the quality of your products and services.

Who needs professional photography?

Since 2007 our photographer has taken incredible photos for many of our clients. Their decision paid off in aces by giving their media a professional look that set them apart from their competitors. Below are a few examples:

  1. Beautiful homes for a building contractor that reveals his outstanding craftsmanship and rival any design magazine. Neal D. Fridenstine Inc.
  2. Hand cast belt buckles that show the details of high quality craftsmanship. Parsley's Brass
  3. Bethpage and Grey's Point campground wanted inviting photos of their facilities showing guests having fun.
  4. Restaurants that want to show off the food they serve and to make the viewer hungry. And it worked. The Patron Cantina and The Patron Mexican Restaurant.
  5. A designer hotel that has thirteen individually designed rooms that will blow your socks off and so will the photos. The Chesapeake Inn

It's all in the details

The overall feeling of a website, brochure, print ad, etc., is in the details. The headline has to be compelling, individual letters need to be spaced properly and the copy has to be easily read. The same goes for the photos that represent your business. If the photo is grainy, out of focus or has bad lighting it is a direct reflection of your business. It's all about first impressions.

Why can't I use my phone to take pictures?

We are all surrounded by really good slick photography everyday in magazines, newspapers, television and internet. We have become so accustomed to seeing high quality photography that when we see below average photos they jump out at us. A poor quality photo lowers our expectations of the business they represent and it happens in a split second.


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“Dane’s pictures of the rooms in our inn captured the unique nature of each room. We couldn't be happier!”

The Chesapeake Inn
Urbanna, Virginia
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