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Broadcast Email List

Want to promote your business but don't have a customer email list? Or you have a product or service that you want to market to a specific demographic? If so, a purchased email list is perfect for you.

L! Marketing works with a company located in Richmond, Virginia that can generate a local or national email list for as little as 4¢* per email address! This includes the email list, deployment and detailed reporting of your campaign results. The list can be customized to your specific audience, business or consumer, so you're not wasting money by sending an email to someone that doesn't fit your exact market.

This is a high quality email address list. The email addresses are from people that have asked to be on the list and they weren't given any incentive to join except that they would receive emails about products and services they are interested in.

Better than direct mail

As you know an email doesn't require postage. Direct mail postcard postage starts at 32¢ for a small postcard and 45¢ (first class mail) for anything larger. You can go to a mailhouse and get bulk rates but you'll never get it down to zero.

Broadcast emails don't require printing. Of course that's obvious but it's another reason that makes them so affordable. L! Marketing can get 1,000 6" X 4.25" postcards printed for under $70 plus shipping which is an incredible price but it still isn't zero.

How it works

  1. We generate the email list based on your specific criteria.
  2. L! Marketing designs the broadcast email.
  3. The email design is sent to the email list provider who broadcasts the email on the time and date you specify.

*Restrictions apply. Contact us for details.

Broadcast email designed for The Patron Mexican Restaurant in Mechanicsville, VA
Website and email is the complete package for small business