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Since 1989 L! Marketing has been creating print materials for companies in the Richmond Metro area as well as the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula in Virginia. We've designed and layed out everything from billboards to business cards and trifold brochures to magazines. Below are a few examples of our print design.

Business Cards

It's a necessity for every business. We believe your card should stand out from your competition and all other business cards. If your card is laying on someone's desk we want it to be noticed.


Rigby's Jig Dance Studio in Richmond VA Bridal Brochure

Websites have usurped brochures in the last decade but don't overlook their importance. Brochures are excellent as a leave behind after a meeting. A trifold can be slipped into a letter or invoice and if you keep a few with you they're perfect when you run into someone that "doesn't have time to talk".

L! Marketing can design trifolds and booklet style brochures for any industry. We can also have this style of brochure printed at a very reasonable cost.

Trade Show and Conference Materials

Whether you are hosting a conference or renting a booth at a trade show, the look and feel of your printed material set the tone for your customer's experience. This the time you want to impress and we can make it happen.

Print Ads

Gundlach Plumbing and Heating, Richmond VA. Jack and Jill print ad.

Print ads have to stand out from every other ad in a publication for so many reasons. The decision to run an ad should never be taken lightly.

Print advertising is expensive. The more popular the publication the more expensive and you have to run an ad large enough to be seen.

If you decided to spend the money to run an ad you want it to be effective. You only have nano seconds for your ad to be noticed so it has to stand out. The message has to be easy to understand and to the point so much so that someone will read it almost without thinking.

At L! Marketing we carefully create our ads so you get the most bang for your buck. We look at the publication and decide what type of ad would be conspicuous from all the other ads on the page and in the publication. We don't cram an ad full of every service and product you sell with your phone number, website and address at the bottom. We help you choose the best message for the publication and focus on just that message. These single message ads are clean, easy to read and informative. Viewers won't be overwhelmed with text.

Rappahannock Foundation for the Arts Playbill, Lancaster, VA

“I have been working with L! Marketing and Design since the company's inception. Dave, the owner, has made himself knowledgeable of my business over the years and as such moved on to become one of my most trusted advisors. His work is creative, unique and his out of the box thinking has become something I have relied on as a small business owner. “

Lorrie Gore, President
Gundlach Plumbing & Heating Company
Northfield Medical, Greensboro NC. Company brochure.
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