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Logo Design

Cross Street Coffee in Urbanna, VA logo

A company's logo is the face of the business. It sets the tone for everything else. It is the most prominent and active object that your customer sees. A good logo identifies the business and is the face of it's brand. It communicates everything your business stands for. Distinct, but not so fancy that it can't be reproduced in black and white or reproduced properly on small objects like pens. Your logo is what makes you unique among all businesses.

Be yourself

Setting yourself apart from other businesses can be tricky but a well designed logo will go a long way in locking your company in the minds of customers. Your logo appears on everything including print advertising, websites, letterhead and business cards! Many times your logo is your first impression. A poorly designed logo can imply laziness or lack of ability. Your logo represents you when you're not there. A professionally designed logo is crucial if you want a logo that will help you succeed and stand the test of time.

L! Marketing has created hundreds of logos. We listen to you, learn about your business and design a logo that reflects you, your company or event. Our logo design speaks for itself, a few of our favorites are represented to the right. Click on any of them to see more.


Northfield Medical in Greensboro NC logoRFA - Rappahannock Foundation for the Arts updated logoInternational CHRIE 2014 conference logo
Slideshow of L! Marketing logo design

“I’ve worked with L! Marketing for over 15 years. He’s designed logos, billboards, print ads, and has been a vital marketing resource. I always include Dave’s input when starting a new design concept. His passion for excellence and execution have always been on point.“

Linda Forem, Vice-President/General Manager
Radio One Richmond
Responsive Web Design in Mechanicsville Va