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For years company branding seemed to be reserved for the large companies like Coca Cola and General Motors. Due to increased exposure businesses get from the Internet branding has become much more important for all size businesses. To be successful in today's market every small business needs brand identity. The good news is that it's not expensive. It just takes planning and persistance.

There's magic in branding

Branding promotes your business tirelessly. When everything the public sees from your company bears your same consistent look it becomes familiar and if your business backs this with great customer service and products the branding will become synonomous with quality and trust. Mercedes Benz has acheived this goal. When you see the Mercedes logo in an ad or on TV it instantly gives a feeling of luxury and quality.

For the magic to work the branding must be used on absolutely everything the public views. Even if you only have a small website, business cards and advertise in publications twice a year branding will help your business grow.

Get Branded

L! Marketing can brand your company with logo, print material, websites, business cards, stationery and more. We have experience branding small companies without breaking the bank. Once your brand is established we will put it to work for you consistently throughtout your business, from your invoices to website.


Click on the logo below to see the branding of Face Works Day Spa.

Face Works Day Spa website in Richmond VA Broadcast Email Lists for as low as 4¢ per address Repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers.

“I have worked with L! Marketing & Design since 1996, first with a start-up bank where they created our logo, brochures and brand. I now own Face Works Day Spa and L! Marketing has been invaluable in helping us create our new image, website, brochures and other literature. Dave always listens to my ideas and has great ideas of his own. If you want a creative, reasonably priced, and on-time partner in these areas, I would highly recommend L! Marketing & Design“

Darlene Stone, Owner
Face Works Day Spa
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