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Website Design

At the birth of the internet website design was very basic with only the necessary company information. As time progressed websites became slicker but for all intents were nothing more than online brochures with the standard About Us and Contact Us information.

The Times They Are A Changing

Today there is so much competition on the web that a simple online brochure isn't effective. We have become spoiled by the amount of information on the internet. Searchers know they can find the answer to just about any question they search for and if they're not finding the answer about your product or service on your website they'll find a site that does. Probably your competitor's.

You have to be the expert

When a customer visits your website they need to find all of the information they need to either make a buying decision or to compel them to give you a call. If after reviewing your site they feel you or your company is the expert in your field they will want to do business with you. You already know what it takes to sell your product you just need it on your website.

sell, sell, sell

Another big change in websites is the way products and services are promoted. Where the old brochure style site just listed the items, usually in bullet points, today's sites use banners and small promotional ads. The idea is to create an aha moment.

Say you have a website called and a customer visits your site to order some pencils. While they're looking at pencils they see a small ad that promotes magic markers, they may say to themselves, "Aha, I didn't know they sold magic markers!"

Promoting your product and services visually and creatively helps to increase your bottom line. By rotating these ads from page to page in a timely manner it also keeps your website looking fresh to the viewer.

We have the know-how

At L! Marketing we know how to build a site that makes you the expert. We know how to design a site that sells your products and services. We have the experience to market your company because we have been working with businesses of all types since 1989 and designing websites since 1999. Let us put our knowledge to work for you.


Click on one of the websites below to see the live version.

Virginia River Cottages website designed by L! Marketing
Kemp Windows & Siding  website designed by L! Marketing
Mason Realty website designed by L! Marketing
Rappahannock Foundation for the Arts website designed by L! Marketing
Rigb's Jig Dance Studio website designed by L! Marketing
Soul Aerial and Peforming Arts website designed by L! Marketing
The Wild Bunch Flowers website designed by L! Marketing
The World Funds Trust website designed by L! Marketing
Urbanna Seafood & Raw Bar website designed by L! Marketing
Liberty and Justice Law Firm website designed by L! Marketing

“From the beginning of our time working with L! Marketing, their experience and know-how in website design, development and maintenance has been outstanding. Our site requires a lot of maintenance and updates on an ongoing basis and the team at L! Marketing are pros at implementing our changes quickly and accurately. They are creative, efficient, responsive and, above all, a pleasure to work with.”

Lauren Jones
The Commonwealth Companies
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