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Our People

Dave Lipscombe

Dave Lipscombe

Dave is the owner and founder of L! Marketing. At the age of 13 he began working in the family appliance business and he wasn't happy about it. He didn't know it then but his experience working at Lipscombe Service would give him the education he needed to help other small businesses in the future.

After graduating from high school Dave went to work for his family full time. He started managing the warehouse, then the parts department and from there to sales. He was good at sales and soon Lipscombe's suppliers began sending him to sales and marketing classes.

Dave moved up the ranks and became manager of the Cary Street location and later manager and Vice-president of Lipscombe Service. He learned marketing, managing and selling inside out. It is this knowledge and experience he now puts to use at L! Marketing.

Dave left the family business in 1979 and started his first business selling home satellite equipment. That business evolved into commercial cable television construction and became highly successful but it was just a job and he wasn't happy.

In 1989 he decided to start L! Marketing, a company that would help small businesses with marketing and graphic design. It was a slow start but with determination Dave built the business to what it is today. L! Marketing has helped hundreds of businesses market themselves creatively, effectively and affordably.

darlene reilly

Darlene Reilly

Darlene started as a graphic designer for a small design company in Richmond, Virginia and went on to work in the Public Relations Office for the Department of Conservation and Recreation as well as some local printers. Working in design, marketing and print environments has given her the knowledge to produce effective branding and material for small businesses.

She has worked for L! Marketing over the years as a sub-contractor and came on board full-time in 2011. In 2010 she completed her training in website design and in 2011 she completed training in search engine optimization.

dane clingan

Dane Clingan

Dane is a natural. He became serious about photography in 2007 and has sky-rocketed into an award winning photographer.

His ability to see an object or subject from a unique point of view makes Dane's pictures beautiful. Even the most mundane objects take on a new almost glamorous look.

Since 2008 Dane has been the exclusive photographer for L! Marketing. He has shot belt buckles, operating room equipment, houses, food, campgrounds and more for our clients. Without fail we are always blown away by the end result.

rachel moss

Rachel Moss

Rachel was born and raised in Houston, Texas but was forced to move to Virginia* with her family her senior year of high school. After high school, she moved to Richmond to attend VCU where she obtained her BA in English writing with a minor in Psychology. She's always been interested in art and people, and she's found writing to be the perfect confluence of creative expression and understanding. She has experience writing both professionally and personally in nearly any form you can think of.

In 2011 Rachel received professional training in SEO to enhance her skills in writing copy for websites.

*Rachel is now glad she moved to Virginia!

“L! Marketing & Design – professional, prompt, fair and fun! From re-designing our organization’s logo to creating brochures, ads, playbills, posters, Annual Reports, letterhead and envelopes, they are the best! Dave and Darlene take a personal interest in our projects and always deliver exceptional products.”

Julie Geier
Rappahannock Foundation for the Arts
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