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Broadcast Email Design

Broadcast email is the quick and inexpensive way to stay in touch with and in front of your loyal customers. It also gives you the opportunity to highlight products and services that they may not be aware of. With good promotions your customers will share your emails with their friends which will extend your reach even further. We can even have your broadcast emails automatically post on your Facebook page.

Custom Broadcast Email Design

We design custom broadcast emails that match your current website or to compliment your promotion. Simple and to the point they are easy to read and digest. The goal is to keep your customers informed and to avoid opt-outs.

There are two types of custom broadcast emails. If we manage your broadcast emails we create your email very much like a webpage. We then transfer the code to Constant Contact® for broadcasting. This method is the most flexible and gives us total creative license. We can also design Constant Contact® templates for those who want to manage their own broadcast emails. This custom template can be accessed through the Constant Contact® template dashboard.

TicklEmail, it works so well it's funny. Humorous broadcast emails targeting your customers

An example of a broadcast email for Flat 5 Productions in Richmond VA

“I began working with L! Marketing in the planning stages of opening my business in Urbanna. They have been responsible for branding Lowe Tide. Dave suggested that Broadcast Email and Social Media be the core of my advertising. We send out a weekly emails to my clients and support it with posts to Facebook and Pinterest! It fits my budget and it works. I highly recommend L! Marketing!”

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